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Intervention areas

The areas of intervention included in the CESOP-Local project, covered by the value contracted within the scope of participation in the CESOP-Local/Sustainable Territories Network are:

     - Municipal Sustainability Index   

     - Training action plans for Municipal technical staff

A set of credits per intervention area is attributed to each Local Authority. The rules for using the credits are detailed in the document that is sent following the signing of the commitment letter.

Optional tasks are available upon contracting an additional service.

Local Authorities that do not belong to the CESOP-Local/Sustainable Territories Network will be subject to a specific budget although some areas are exclusive to its members.

We turn the needs of our partners into scientific, rigorous and robust research, both from a theoretical and methodological point of view. We define, in close collaboration with our clients, the best research methodology, suitable to meet their needs.


CESOP-Local Territórios Sustentáveis