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Customized Municipal Sustainability Index

Municipality MSI+

Customized Municipal Sustainability Index (Municipality MSI+)

The MSI+ is a tool in which the Municipal Sustainability Index (MSI) is customized to the characteristics and specifications of each municipality.

The purpose is to update data, include other information and create other indicators by option of the municipality. For this, we call this a customized MSI (MSI+), according to the management culture of each autarchy.

By utilizing recent data, the MSI+ is the authentic report that supports management, allowing to get an even more faithful picture of the municipality.

The MSI+ contains information that helps to define priorities, to construct the Sustainability Report and/or the process of Quality Certification by Norm ISO 37.120 (Sustainable Development of Communities).

We propose  CESOP-Local Network for Sustainable Territories municipalities that wish to enter this process, a work model comprised of short digital meetings, weekly or bi-weekly, individually or in group, for a closer attendance and better collaboration between municipal teams and the CESOP-Local team.

The MSI Portal was upgraded to offer a management area for the MSI+, where the municipality can:

1.    Create new indicators
2.    Update existing indicators
3.    Select indicators that one wishes to include on the Customized MSI
4.    Directly calculate the MSI+ results
5.    Get an instantaneous visualization of the results graphics and their customized indicators.