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Joining the CESOP-Local/Sustainable Territories Network

Network of Local Authorities for Sustainable Development at Local Level

All City Councils of the country may enter the CESOP-Local Network for Sustainable Territories.

For this, everything need is to sign the Principles Letter and the Compromise Letter.

By entering, the City Council immediately gets the Municipal Sustainability Index Report for its territory and get access to the training and development plans created within the CESOP-Local Network for Sustainable Territories.

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CESOP | Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Palma de Cima, 1649-023 Lisbon

By phone: 21 721 4040

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Principles Letter

“1. We bet on sustainable development as an guiding paradigm to conduct economic, cultural, political and environmental transformations  that happen with globalization processes.

2. We help to define and implement the local agenda (SDG 2030), creating essential conditions to that implementation, in articulation with the national and global levels. 

3. We create a culture for citizenship, active participation and shared responsibility. 

4. We bet on responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision making at all levels. 

5. We promote social responsibility and the participation of citizens and civil society organizations. 

6. We promote solidarity and mutual help between all individuals and organizations. 

7. We promote sustainable management, quality urban and public spaces environment, that are adjusted to different population groups, taking advantage of local resources and promoting proximity logics. 

8. We respect ecologic sustainability and try to live up to the expectations and necessities of local and global communities.

9. We value endogenous resources and attractivity, without replacing local actors’ wills nor territorial values.

10. We take advantage of the ecological and social innovations of economy, to guarantee prosperity, environmental protection and social cohesion within our communities.”


Commitment Letter 

“In the context of globalization processes, various challenges have appeared to people and institutions, namely about the necessity to define new global development models for humanity. Recent evolution has shown that, more than a discussion around the idea of sustainable development, a this moment, it is the practical question of making the transition for sustainability that is the order of the day.

Considering that it is commonly accepted that citizens’ contributions are essential for defining and ranking communities’ needs as well as for and efficient implementation of their decisions, and that the use of this contributions allows autarchies to work on more efficient and objective ways, saving resources from the State, understood as opportune and useful for autarchies to deepen and develop studies on participation and sustainability;

Considering that AUTARCHIES are the political-administrative representation of local communities, and are public institutions dedicated to serve public interest materialized on the represented citizens’ ambitions, worries and necessities; that serve a fundamental role in promoting local development, namely: (1) by having a relevant set of functions which implementation may help to improve communities’ life quality; (2) by being well positioned (proximity) to influence other development agents to involve all of the community; (3) because they are employers and consumers, with the responsibility to sustainably organize its own local productive unit.


Within the scope of this compromise, CESOP creates a network of partner for local development, designated CESOP-Local. The goal of CESOP-Local Network is to create an autarchic observatory to monitor the level of sustainability of the territory, stakeholders engagement dynamics and the autarchy’s performance level.
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