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ISM Portal Access Regulation

This page presents the Terms of Use of the ISM Portal, and describe the user profile and types of access. The ISM Portal is a digital plateform where the user can consult the Municipal Sustainability Index of his Municipality. The CESOP-Local team may consider in the future the creation of other types of access and update this Terms of Use.

About the digital plateform

The ISM Portal allows online consultation of the Municipal Sustainability Index (ISM).

The ISM, created in partnership with the Municipalities of the CESOP-Local/Sustainable Territories Network, provides each Municipality with the diagnosis of its territory in each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through the targets and indicators analysed and developed at local level. According to the agreement between the parties, only the Municipalities of the CESOP-Local/Sustainable Territories Network may authorise the public disclosure of the ISM results of their territory. A Municipality may authorize the consultation of its data only if it is a member of the CESOP-Local/Sustainable Territories Network. The ISM does not establish rankings and cannot be used for that purpose. For research purposes, CESOP-Local may make raw data and its sources available, upon prior registration of request. 

The contents of the ISM Portal is managed by the Applied Research Unit CESOP-Local of the Catholic University of Portugal. 

Two types of access to the ISM Portal are available. The ISM Portal can be accessed by Municipalities of the CESOP-Local/Sustainable Territories Network (full access) and Portuguese Municipalities interested in joining CESOP-Local (restricted access).  

The access to the digital platform can be done through a web browser for mobile devices or computers.

User Profile/Access Types

Municipalities of the CESOP-Local/Sustainable Territories Network
Access 1: Grants full access to your Territory's ISM online from 2018

To access the ISM Portal, the Municipality of the CESOP-Local/Sustainable Territories Network must enter the digital platform (, log in, and click on the "Results" button at the top right corner. For security purposes, the link created has a limited duration, is personal and non-transferable.

The access 1 grants the full access to all editions of ISM to the Project Coordinator and/or the Manager. 

The Project Coordinator and/or the Manager must inform the CESOP-Local team of the access permissions to be granted to the Municipality. They must send the name, email and desired profile to be assigned to the municipal employees.

The diffusion of the results of the ISM of the Territory to the Citizens and the general public, is at the discretion and sole responsibility of the Municipality.

For this purpose, together with the Municipality, CESOP-Local will, upon written request:

  1. Provide a permanent link to access the Territory ISM through the ISM Portal that the Municipality can share on its institutional website and/or use it for public interest purposes intended by the Municipality.
  2. Define the degree of information to be made available on the permanent link.

Portuguese Municipalities interested in joining the CESOP-Local Network
Acess 2: Grants online access to all previous editions of your Territory's ISM upon request to the CESOP-Local team

In addition to accessing the ISM methodology through the ISM Portal and the Meta-information of the four editions available at, the Portuguese Municipality interested in joining the CESOP-Local/Sustainable Territories Network can request a link from CESOP-Local that will allow them to consult the ISM of their territory for the years prior to the current year. The scores and respective graphs will be provided.

For this purpose, the Mayor or his Representative must request CESOP-Local the creation of an account to access the digital platform. The request should be made by email ( or by telephone (217214040).

The CESOP-Local reserves the right to publish on its institutional site ( the presentation of the ISM Portal as an example. The data and scores shown are not real and do not reflect the results of any particular municipality. The free consultation of the ISM Portal grants the user access to the ISM methodology.

Other entities Entities interested in the ISM for research purposes may, in addition to accessing the ISM methodology through the ISM Portal available at, request the ISM data sources by email (